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We’re Here! Estamos Aquí!—3/3 pt. 2

By March 3, 2018April 3rd, 2018One Comment

Great news: We made it to Cuba without any problems! The flight went smoothly, no one got fatally ill and by some miracle all of our luggage got back to us. Stepping out of a plane to a 75 degree breezy day was a dream come truing traveling from cold CLE.

We are all staying in “Casas Particulares” which are extra rooms that locals open up to tourists. Lexy and are staying with a welcoming woman named Katia who has already given me vast architectural knowledge of the neighborhood (we are staying in a Spanish colonial style building) and made me some killer Cuban coffee. Let’s say I’m already a huge fan👌 Lexy and I share a room with a spacious bathroom and kitchen, all of which open up to a breezy balcony.

Most of us hardly slept the night before, but we got a second wind when we rode with bus driver/DJ extraordinaire to dinner. Armando is the man. Not only does he flash on and off the light on the resurrected American school bus that we are using as our main source of transportation to amp up the atmosphere, but he plays some terrific tunes. My new personal favorite is “Abrazame” by Laura BLAH. It’s so unabashedly over the top!

And now after a delicious dinner of croquettes, tostadas, and black bean salad I am going straight to bed. I am already falling in love with Havana!

🙂 Kate

P.s. For those of you who need a bit more of a background as to how Verb is in Cuba, google the “Cleveland-Havana Ballet”. You can also read up about our company members and artistic staff on our website if you want bios on anyone mentioned. I am working on a first name basis 😉

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