Verb Ballets ignites passion in the energy, beauty and athleticism of dance. The American contemporary ballet company is home to a diverse selection of repertory including national and international choreographers. Touring programs can be custom built to fit time and format. Included within, you will find a selection of rotating repertory. Verb Ballets will help you select pieces for your program.


Adam Hougland

Adam Hougland is recognized for his melding of modern and classical movement form. The ballet fills the space with rich, intricate choreography and unique partnering. The dance showcases the great musicality of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 3 in B-flat major, K. 281 with quirky humor.

Between the Machine

Charles Anderson

This sensual pas de deux is set to a DJ mix with industrial sounds of machinery with a driving memorable pulse. The contemporary duet explores the passions may be hiding in a machine in breath taking lifts and intricate partnering.


Heinz Poll

Choreographed by founder of Ohio Ballet, Heinz Poll, to the epic music of Ravel, the ballet blends Indian and modern dance styles while its drive, propulsion, and intensity build with the famous cresendo. The piece is a visual masterpiece set to the driving force of the well known score.

Passing By Antonio Brown

The modern movement pulls the dancers away from the synchronized group into shafts of light over white rectangles. The use of shadows and space adds to this intriguing work that caught the attention of the audiences and critics alike.

Aposiopesis Charles Anderson

This contemporary full ensemble ballet visually sweeps the stage to reveal expansive arches and broad curves. Anderson’s work reflects a blend of classical and contemporary influences and is included in the repertories of professional dance companies throughout the country.

Dark Matter Tommie-Waheed Evans

This a fierce nonstop 18 minute work and weaves industrial sounds through Bach’s Toccata, Fugue in D Minor with sounds of shattering glass and African drum rhythms. The dance is visually mesmerizing with hanging fluorescent light bulbs and side lights that pulsate rhythmically building in momentum with the movement. Grand

Andante Sostenuto Heinz Poll

Verb Ballets performs the neo-classical pas de deux Andante Sostenuto (1988) choreographed by Heinz Poll originally for Ohio Ballet and danced to the second movement of Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

Ne Me Quitte Pas Daniel Precup

Romanian dancer Daniel Precup, a Ballet Master and principal dancer with Ballet Tucson, set the company premiere of Ne Me Quitte Pas. The mournful love duet is danced to the French singer songwriter, Jacques Brel, in the complex struggles of love.

Grace Royce Zachery

This a contemporary ballet highlighted for its moments of elegance displayed by a woman during both her greatest moments and her worst. The full company work is set to Beethoven’s Andante Cantabile con Variazioni and features moments of cannon and unison that are a sentiment of beauty.

Spartacus Daniel Precup

Known for its show of strength and sensuality, the music of Aram Khachaturian sweeps you away in the classic story love and impressive for its show of lifts and moments of awe, this duet has been an audience favorite.