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CPT Choreographer

three lullabies for you and I

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Choreographer, Daniel Cho explores the notion of relationships

May 16-18, 2019Fresh Inventions at Cleveland Public Theatre

Briefly describe the inspiration, motivation and/or loose narrative behind the work?
This piece was founded on the notion of relationships. I’ve recently been interested in how various relationships-with oneself, with another person, with a group of people- can be represented through highly physicalized movement. I also have treated this process of creating the work as a gift to my fellow peers and dancers. I feel privileged to work with such a group of hard-working and talented individuals that I wanted the piece to showcase their strengths as movers and individuals, as well as to challenge them in new and exciting ways

What influences your own inspiration or movement style?
As a dancer and choreographer, I always prioritize presenting work that communicates a clear message while also staying relatable to people of various backgrounds. I think it is important to remember that people who are not necessarily dancers are watching any performance and so there always has to be an element of my performance that speaks to the human condition.

How do you begin making a dance?
I always view choreography as a collaboration, so I enjoy bringing in material that I come up with and seeing how that reads on other dancers with completely different body types and experiences from mine. I view my role as a choreographer to highlight the strengths and creative input that the dancers provide, rather than to dictate dancers to abide by a strict sequence of steps.

How does your work connect to the larger world?
Seeing as the piece is about relationships in a variety of contexts to beautiful instrumental music, it is my hope that viewers will find something to connect with while they watch the piece.

When did you start dancing?
I started my official dance training as a sophomore in college when I was 20 years old.

This is Daniel Cho’s first piece choreographed for the company.

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Verb Ballets
May 16-18, 2019 7:30pm
Cleveland Public Theatre
Tickets: $15 Thurs $25 Fri/Sat

Daniel Cho

Choreographer and Dancer

Daniel Cho is from San Francisco, California, and holds a BA special major in Dance and Education from Swarthmore College. He received his training from Point Park Conservatory, the Laban Conservatoire in London, the Ballet X Summer Intensive, the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and the Coastal City Ballet in Vancouver, British Columbia. Daniel is a recent graduate of the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program, where he had the pleasure of performing works by Alonzo King, Angela Dice Nguyen, Sidra Bell, Shannon Gillen, Alex Ketley, Gioconda Barbuto, Maurya Kerr, and Gregory Dawson. He is thrilled to be joining Verb Ballets as an apprentice for the 2018-19 season. Daniel was promoted to full company member in February 2019.

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