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This is where I am—3/9 part 1

By March 12, 2018No Comments
Usually on nights before a big show I can hardly sleep. All of the parts I could forget or mess up invade my mind so I can’t shut it off. But strangley since I have been in Havana, I have been able to sleep peacefully. Maybe it’s the calm breeze that sweeps into our room throughout the night? Or the fact that my reality already feels dreamlike? Either way, I had a great night of sleep and woke up feeling calm and ready to take on this big show this evening. I visualized everything I will have to do tonight as “The Lady in White” from the overture through bows. I know what I have to do tonight and I am ready to have the opportunity to make it happen. Wish me and the other Verbers performing tonight luck!🙏
P.s. Here are some pics from a morning walk I took:

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