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CPT Choreographer

The Leaving Song

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Choreographer, Michael Escovedo explores movement contract of fluid and sweeping with sharp gestural positions

May 16-18, 2019Fresh Inventions at Cleveland Public Theatre

Briefly describe the narrative behind the work?
This piece is about how the psyche can break when faced with tragedy, and the sculpting decisions made afterwards.

How does your work connect to the larger world?
I love taking things often considered “ugly” or “sad” and turning them into something beautiful. I think a lot of people live in a black and white world, where things are good, and things are bad. If I can help give people an alternate view of an ugly situation, then maybe these things won’t be so ugly and sad, but instead beautiful and meaningful.

How do you use your dancers, and what do they contribute to your choreography?
I always try to treat my dancers like human beings instead of tools. I find that when I do this, the dancers bring a much more positive and authentic quality to their movement. And when everyone is happy and communicating well, amazing things start to happen!

How do you begin making a dance?
I like to start with the music. Once I’ve found an artist I like, I start paying attention to how it makes me feel. From there I start interpreting my emotions through movement. And then I organize everything into a narrative that helps portray the emotions I’m feeling.

What you are looking forward to in 2019 as a dancer and choreographer?
In 2019 I’m looking forward to big changes and transformations. I spend a lot of time in my comfort zone and I’m excited to see the artist I can become when I step outside my own head.

This is Michael’s seventh time choreographing on the company.

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Verb Ballets
May 16-18, 2019 7:30pm
Cleveland Public Theatre
Tickets: $15 Thurs $25 Fri/Sat

Michael Escovedo

Choreographer and Dancer

Michael Escovedo was born and raised in the small town of Broomfield, Colorado and started competitive gymnastics when he was 5. After three years of strict training and competitive successes within the USAG gymnastics program Michael decided to start ballet in order to improve his gymnastics routines. It took one class for Michael to decide to quit gymnastics and attend ballet class full time at Ballet Nouveau Colorado (BNC). At the age of 15, after seven years of training and performing at BNC, Michael moved to New York City to train with The School of American Ballet. Michael has also choregraphed two company works for Verb Ballets. After his graduation in 2014, Michael joined Verb Ballets and has been featured in works such as Tarantella and Ne Me Quitte Pas.

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