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The Angie Haze Project collaborated with Verb Ballets to produce a music video for a new segment in her #quarantinelife series. Eight musicians from Northeast Ohio and 15 dancers all individually recorded their segments that were brought together for one incredible merging of music and dance to commemorate this unique solidarity in time. Together, they bring an upbeat song full of joy, entertainment, and inspiration to a thirsty audience stuck at home. Video produced by Wasted Talent Media.

About Angie Haze

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, Angie Haze is more than just a one-woman band. She is a humanitarian who’s driving force is to help the world find solace, value, unity, and a safe haven through the power of art. Her songs are compelling and authentic with vocal arrangements that will move you to sing, unforgettable instrumentation that provokes goose bumps, and a sound so addicting you just can’t get enough. She has arranged and produced a collection of musically diverse, soul-deep songs. The uplifting message of her story never fails to inspire hope and change. She shares her art as a way to connect people proving the importance of music for the individual and humanity as a whole. Learn more at

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The Angie Haze Project collaborated with Verb Ballets to produce a music video for a…