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Pie Day—3/14

By March 19, 2018No Comments

OK so we didn’t exactly eat pie today, but we did do lots of celebrating! Today was Laura Alonso’s birthday, so I knew it was bound to have some sweet flourishes🎂 More on that later…

The day started out with Richard’s ballet class at the National Theater. The floors were a bit dusty (Cuba has a lot of indoor/outdoor buildings, so I have come to expect dust most places) but otherwise the stage was very deep and the auditorium was spacious. The National Theater is not quite the newly renovated Alicia Alonso, but I am still getting very excited to perform in it this weekend! I have always loved to perform☺

After doing some classic Richard across-the-floor combinations (boy it feels so good to move and travel in his classes) we got busy with spacing and rehearsal. “Bolero” is going to be extra dynamic in this theater because we have so much room to dance and swirl our capes. I helped Lexy to teach some of the ProDanza dancers part of the choreography.

Once we wrapped up rehearsal, everyone climbed back on the bus so we could head to the ProDanza studios for Laura’s birthday party. I don’t know if I have ever witnessed so much pomp and circumstance in my life🤣The pictures below won’t do it justice, but they’re worth a peak. A full sized theater backdrop of a garden was hung by the balcony to create a mini performance stage, which was then occupied by the Cuban singer who milked every note with an ultravibrato flair, followed by a melodramatic performer of epic poetry, and finally a mariachi band. Havana Club rum was flowing freely, and plates filled with sweets covered the tables🍹 And through all of the shenanigans, Maestra Laura Alonso sat stoicly surrounded by gifts, flowers, and cards. She is one well respected woman!

The ladies of Verb ballets hit the leftovers hard when we got home…the rum is very effective in Cuba and those sweet treats could’t quite cut it as dinner🤪 It was fun to sit around and eat cold beans and rice…

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