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On Deck—3/15

By March 19, 2018No Comments

Oof. Today’s double tech/dress rehearsal was a bit of a stressful one. It was pretty much perpetual not knowing what was going on combined with constant pressure to perform our best. Those pressures add up a lot more noticeably when you haven’t had a day off for nearly 3 weeks, and although everyone is doing their best I think a little down time when we get back to the states will be greatly appreciated.

The best way I can describe today is being “on deck”. Did you ever do swim team? Then you might have a clue as to the feeling I am talking about. When you’re on deck, you have to be present and ready to perform your best at any time. But sometimes thunder grumbles and you are stuck waiting longer than expected. Should you try to keep warmed up? Or is that going to be a waste of energy and tire you out for the real race if another thunder rumble comes around? Perhaps eat a snack to prepare for a lengthened meet? Or is a heavy stomach going to negatively impact your race if you have to swim sooner than expected? Do you remember your events and have the correct order? AKA has your casting changed and do you know which program you are performing (Friday’s program, Saturday’s, program, and Sunday’s program are all different and require different costumes, shoes, hair, and undergarments)? Was that whistle blowing something I need to pay attention to? Or was that for someone running when they should be walking? AKA is that Laura Alonso shouting “Kate” over the microphone at me? Or is that her saying “que” in Spanish? It is a long period of over stimulation that is pretty wearing😣

I don’t want to spend too much time attempting to explain the specific stresses that pertain to our current situation (that might be a long, whiney post) so I will switch to a bigger picture. At least we all still have out health. And for that we are incredibly lucky. One of the ProDanza dancers tumbled to the floor today coming out of a jump and couldn’t even walk offstage…

We have all been responsible for so many parts for this tour that I have had very minimal time to rehearse “Rita” (or an opportunity on to space the solo onstage without slipping on the packing tape that they use to hold the floor together…gaft tape is harder to come by in Cuba).

But, I have given myself mental rehearsal tonight and plan to do my best and have fun performing it tomorrow regardless of the quick turnaround has been. Nothing like a touch of nerves and a decent amount of excitement to keep you feeling alive!

We are finally about to plunge into the pool of performance after anxiously waiting on deck. Send Verb Ballets and ProDanza some luck!


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