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CPT Choreographer

Mortal Empathy Variations

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Choreographer, Antonio Morillo explores the dynamics of a young couple meeting in trying times

May 16-18, 2019Fresh Inventions at Cleveland Public Theatre

Briefly describe the narrative behind the work?
There is a different cast for the duet each night. Each cast presents a different narrative of a young couple meeting in trying times.

What lessons did you learn by choreographing to make you a stronger dancer?
This is my second time choreographing for Verb. I have learned a lot through this process about my aesthetic, and how to communicate my ideas more clearly. Every dancer moves and processes movement differently.

How do you use your dancers, and what do they contribute to your choreography?
I feel that the best work is a collaboration between the dancers and the choreographer. I like to create a couple of my own phrases to present to the dancers. Then, once they have my movement in their bodies, I assist them in crafting a few new phrases. These new phrases are normally motivated by a collection of verbs or adjectives given to each dancer. I then continue to sculpt the timing and dynamic qualities to my desire. This hopefully provides the dancers with the most organic-looking movement possible.

What influences your own inspiration or movement style?
I am inspired by the philosophies of Martha Graham and her modern dance technique. I am also influenced by jazz, musical theatre, and ballet.

How does your work connect to the larger world?
I hope that anyone who sees my work will see themselves in it. I hope that they feel something, anything.

This is Antonio Morillo’s second piece choreographed for the company.

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Verb Ballets
May 16-18, 2019 7:30pm
Cleveland Public Theatre
Tickets: $15 Thurs $25 Fri/Sat

Antonio Morillo

Choreographer and Dancer

Antonio Morillo is from Orlando, Florida. He received his Associate of Arts in Dance Performance from Valencia College and his BFA in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida. Antonio has performed with the Patel Conservatory’s Next Generation Ballet as well as Tampa City Ballet. He has performed works by Jon Lehrer, José Limón, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Robert Moses’ Kin, and Maurice Causey. Antonio joined Verb Ballets in 2016 and has been featured in such works as Andante Sostenuto and Aposiopesis.

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