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By March 5, 2018March 8th, 2018One Comment

We are getting down and dirty in our pointe shoes. Like my pointe shoes are literally covered in dirt. The Prodanza studios where we have been rehearsing are breathtaking because they all center around an open courtyard. However, that life giving contact with the outdoors consequently gives lots of dirt and dust that end up on the studio floor and on our shoes when we run from studio to studio. My ballet slippers have gotten a huge hole just from the two days we’ve been here and my pointe shoes are looking less pink and more brown all the time. But hey, at least we are getting good work done!

Like I said, the process of putting Yarini together became exponentially more difficult when we realized that the two companies had learned the ballet off of two different DVD versions. After we got home from dinner last night, all of us Verbers spent about 2 hours last night studying the new DVD. We made a lot of progress today, but we still have a lot of work to do before opening night Thursday. And did I mention that with our 4 shows, we have 4 different casts? My brain has been completely jam packed with relearning choreography for all of the different sections I am in…kinda feels like I have scrambled eggs up there (which I learned how to say in Spanish today “revuelto”!).

As intense as this whole rehearsal process is, Lexy and I were reflecting on how special it is to be able to do a full-length ballet. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be performing a principle part in a full length ballet with a Cuban company. Little girl bun head Kate is still in disbelief. Now I really want to be able to do it justice, so now after a dinner break it’s back to more studying for me!

🙂 Kate

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