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Halfway to Havana—3/3 midday

By March 3, 2018May 11th, 2018No Comments


Oh my goodness. It’s finally setting in. We are 1 stop away from Cuba! Ahhh! The company has successfully made it to Houston with minimal problems😝 Thanks to magic conjured by our fearless leader (AKA Associate Director Richard Dickinson, MFA) we managed to make our first flight despite super long lines caused by the recent Cleveland snowstorm. We all have had so much going on learning “Yarini”, preparing our 7 repertory pieces and wrapping up teaching responsibilities that we’ve hardly had mental space to soak it all in. So here it goes:

We are having the opportunity of a lifetime to go to a cultural gem of country and do what we love in collaboration with amazingly talented artists!!! How freaking lucky are we?! Whew!!! Time to strap those grateful goggles on tight and soak it all in🤗

Like I said, I am not sure how accountable the WiFi situation will be once we land in Cuba, so have patience and know that I will be in touch soon. Until then, I will paint the scene before me at the Houston-Intercontinental Airport:

-Omar Humphrey being “extra” and charming everyone in his swanky sunglasses

-Laura Alonso managing her company affairs in multiple languages accompanied by Swedish Fish

-Lots of dancers sporting Starbucks (sponsorship? Anyone?🙏)

-Richard Dickinson looking fly in a full suit and Nike kicks

-Lexy Lattimore dutifully going over Bolero choreography with Nata Santiago close by

-Antonio Morillo and Kelly Korfhage being adorable and discussing UNO

-Lieneke Matte reading about orphans enduring WWII

-Christina and Michael enthusiastically contemplating purchasing a milkshake

-A whole group of incredible people that I am honored and genuinely pumped to travel with👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Talk to you soon!


Omar and Lexy <3

Warming up in Laura Alonso’s fur

4am limousine rides

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