Mowgli’s Jungle Adventures
Choreographed by Richard Dickinson

This 45-minute ballet will mesmerize children with the ballet is based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of an Indian boy abandoned by his parents and raised by a pack of wolves. Shah Capital Management is proud to be the Producer and Exclusive Sponsor for Mowgli’s Jungle Adventures choreographed by Associate Artistic Director, Richard Dickinson.

The Carnival of the Animals
Choreographed by Richard Dickinson

This 30-minute ballet delights children through movements inspired by the animals. Associate Artistic Director, Richard Dickinson, MFA has taken the music of Camille Saint-Saens and tells the story of the Cuckoo Bird who is made fun of by the different animals. The animals learn to appreciate each other’s differences as the beautiful Swan teaches tolerance and acceptance followed by a grand carnival ending the ballet.  It is a wonderful introductory classical piece for young children ages 3-11.

Peter and the Wolf
Choreographed by Pamela Pribisco

Peter and the Wolf is a playful 30-minute children’s ballet set to music of Sergei Prokofiev choreographed by Pamela Pribisco. In 1936, Prokofiev composed Peter and the Wolf as a way to introduce children to the different instruments of the orchestra. Verb Ballets performs the story of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf as told through dance. Students experience storytelling through the interaction of narrative, music and movement, and gain understanding of how character and plot are communicated across multiple art forms.

Shape Imagination
Choreographed by Jose Bustamente

Enhance your students’ skills in geometry and mathematics by taking them on a playful journey in search of lines, shapes, and angles. Utilizing music from orchestral to operatic, dancers do vigorous lifts, jumps, and turns while handling delicate, brightly colored balloons. In this fun interactive program dancers and balloons become the catalyst for the exploration of geometric shapes, designs, and choreographic patterns.

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