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Black Lives Matter

By July 15, 2020July 22nd, 2020No Comments

A Statement from the Board of Verb Ballets 

Admittedly, we, the members of the Verb Ballets Board of Directors, are late in responding to the violence against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black people in the United States who have been the target of racially motivated murder, violence, and systemic oppression. We apologize for the lateness of this message and pledge to do and be better.

If we are to fulfill Verb Ballets’ vision to be a leader of dance performance, to nurture wellness, and to be a thought leader in dance performance nationally and locally, we must fight against the dehumanization of Black lives.

So, moving forward, WE WILL:

IDENTIFY how Verb Ballets perpetuates racism;

COMMIT financial and artistic resources to ensure Verb Ballets intentionally practices anti-racism and promotes racial equity;

SUPPORT our staff’s efforts to engage Black choreographers and recruit Black dancers;

REACH OUT to Black and Brown community members to join our Board;

PLEDGE to make the work of anti-racism and equity an on-going commitment; and

UPLIFT the voices and art of Black people.

If the recent events have taught us anything, it is that good “intentions” alone are not enough.  We must, and will, act on those good intentions to help achieve meaningful, sustained change that will lead to Black community members living and thriving free from historical, systemic oppression.