Day 11- Betta werk!


Ni Hao! I’m reporting from the Chaiin hotel after a full day in the theatre. It was a hard but good day! Love those! In my opinion, the best days are the ones with hard work in them. More rewarding I guess? From the way the company dressing room smells, we definitely have been working hard! Haha I kid I kid (well kinda😝)

The day started off with the breakfast club in the hotel where Maggi, our artistic director, told me that this blog has been picked up by Dance USA. If you’re crazy enough to spend your time reading my rambling thoughts, let me preemptively caution you that there are many spelling/grammatical/sentencilogical malodies (I usually write these posts at peculiar hours and have yet to hire an editor😉). Also sometimes I make up words. And overuse emojis🙃🤷🏻‍♀️. And write terrible puns. You’ve been warned. Now enjoy your PUNishment by reading on. Heh😏

After breakfast I packed up all of my costumes and hairspray and shoes and makeup and backup shoes and backup hair supplies etcetcetc (I looked like an especially baggy bag lady) and made a move to the theatre. I love getting to dance early so I can stretch and get in the zone, especially before performance time. It’s only a 20 minute walk from the hotel to the national theatre so we are practically neighbors!

Before company class I stuck a couple pieces of glow tape in strategic places so I could spot them during quick turning parts and know where I am in relationship to the front, especially during “Aposiopesis” (that’s the hard stamina piece that I’m doing the lead in this trip). I wanted to “turn things around” from yesterday’s rehearsal😝

We took an hour and a half company class (first full length class in a while!) where we focused a lot on the shape of the stage and readjusting our positions to complement the long rectangular proportions. Part of being a professional is being able to make choreography look good no matter what the performance space is like. Then we quickly spaced both casts of “Ne Me Quitte Pas” before going into another tech run-through for Program A, our opening night show. I was able to fix most of the mistakes/disoriented parts from yesterday, but of course I had a few other weird things happen. Hopefully I can fix those during the last dress rehearsal tomorrow🙏 Oh the excitement of live theatre, as much as you want to control it, you never know what is going to happen on stage until it does!

Body EDT provided boxed lunches and dinners for us at the theatre. I know I sound like a broken record, but we’re all so appreciative!! Although a boxed lunch might seem somewhat standard in a business setting, the dance world does not usually come with these types of perks because of perpetually tight funding. Ming, Ping and BodyEDT are so generous! And these were killah boxed lunches! Each box had rice, deliciously cooked veggies, egg, and a choice of pork, beef, chicken, salmon, or tofu. Not your standard turkey sandwich and bag of chips from the states. We also got fancy teas to go with it. I’m sure my performance was enhanced by my lemon rose frothy tea!🥀

During our hour break Michael and I walked around the theatre district in search of a drugstore. My shopping list: liquid foundation, gum, peanuts, and good smelling spray. Michael needed tattoo coverup and bananas. So pretty standard performance time shopping outing😉Amazingly, we managed to find all of our quirky things quickly and in stores where they only spoke Mandarin. Have I mentioned thatI have gotten really good at charades? I chewed air gum like the best of ‘em and it got the message across somehow!

After giving our costumes a light spray of whatever Taiwanese fabreeze equivalent I ended up with (we usually wash them between shows but our resources are limited) we had another warmup class and got ready for a dress rehearsal of Program B, which is Anthony Krutzkamp’s “Appropriated Memories,” Daniel Precup’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas” with myself and Michael dancing, and Ming’s “Arrival from Departure.” We will do Program B Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Program A is the same except Charles Anderson’s “Aposiopesis” replaces “Appropriated Memories” and Omar and Lieneke perform “Ne Me Quitte Pas.” We will do Program A Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It’s exciting to bring 2 programs because it means we get to show more of our rep, but it also means more to rehearse!

The Program B dress rehearsal went pretty well overall. We all had some things that we hope to fix for the show (my braid is supposed to unravel midway through “Ne Me Quitte Pas” but I must have braided it too tight because it only unraveled at the very end, woops!) but nothing too major went terribly wrong…knock on wood!

We spent the second act watching Body EDT perform their new work “Initial-Space Starting.” Imagine liquid quality modern dance performed to mind boggling optical illusion projections and thought provoking music. It was pretty incredible! As a beginning choreographer myself I have so much respect for Ming. 1- How can he think of movement that interesting to being with? And 2- How can he then incorporate other complicated elements of projection and lighting so seamlessly and tastefully? That’s so much to coordinate in one brain! Everything was cohesive–although there was a lot of visual stimulation nothing was too much. It’s an honor to share the stage with them!

We set our final group bow and then we were released for the night. Kelly and I took our boxed dinner home and had a tasty picnic on our hotel floor before bed. Now it’s sleepy time before another dress rehearsal and opening night tomorrow!! Ahh! Sweet dreams everyone ❤