Integrated Curriculum Residences

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Offer students and teachers the opportunity to learn how movement relates to subjects such as science, social studies, language arts, and math. Through improvisation and dance composition exercises, students create dances to explore and reinforce themes they are learning in other subjects. Integrated curriculum lessons are created in collaboration with classroom teachers, follow Content Standards, and can be tailored to the specific needs of each class.

The amazingly simple Wigglewords program utilizes basic dance movements for each letter of the alphabet to enhance a wide range of literacy skills, including spelling, phonics rules, identification of vowels and consonants and rhyming/storytelling. This Pre K- 4th interactive program get kids on their feet and supports kinetic readers! Can be in conjunction with performances or done in an outreach setting.

Shape Imagination
Enhance your students’ skills in geometry and mathematics by taking them on a playful journey in search of lines, shapes, and angles. Utilizing music from orchestral to operatic, dancers do vigorous lifts, jumps, and turns while handling delicate, brightly colored balloons. This fun interactive program dancers and balloons become the catalyst for the exploration of geometric shapes, design, and choreographic patterns.Available as a day program or residency residency integrating Mathematics curriculum and content standards.

Exploring Asia
Cultivate and understanding, through movement, of the similarities and differences between Asian cultures regarding climate, food, and living patterns. Enhance your students’ knowledge and understanding of other cultures through dance. Utilizing music and movement, three dancers take you to India and beyond while performing Heinz Poll’s famous choreography for Ravel’s Bolero. Students travel to China through the beautiful Tai Chi dance. The program finishes in the Philippines with a traditional dance called the Tinikling. Available as a day program or residency integrating Social Studies curriculum and content standards.

Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf is a playful 30-minute children’s ballet set to music of Sergie Prokofiev choreographed by Pamela Pribisco (Cleveland Ballet). In 1936, Prokofiev composed Peter and the Wolf as a way to introduce children to the different instruments of the orchestra. Verb Ballets performs the story of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf as told through dance. The program introduces students to the plot and characters of Peter and the Wolf, and to the central themes of obedience and courage. Eight dancers develop each colorful character through expressive movement. Students experience storytelling through the interaction of narrative, music and movement, and gain understanding of how character and plot are communicated across multiple art forms. Available as a day program or residency integrating integrating English/Language Arts curriculum and content standards.
If you have any questions on how your school or group can get involved feel free to call Stephanie Krise Education + Outreach Coordinator at 216-397-3757 or email.

Verb Ballets

Under the direction of Dr. Margaret Carlson, Producing Artistic Director and Richard Dickinson, MFA, Associate Director, Verb Ballets is proud to present a season that highlights the artistry of emerging choreographers paired with classic balletic works that have moved audiences for decades.

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